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To watch“Sumo”_ No1 Tournament,Local tour,Reservation

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Don’t you want to watch a “Sumo” tournament when you are in Japan?

“Sumo” is a Japanese national sport. This is very original.

Today I will introduce about sumo tournaments ,local tuor and its reservation .

I hope it help you to touch our “sumo” culture.

1, A simple explanation about “Sumo
2, “Sumo” tournaments
3, Local tour matches by sumo wrestler

1, A simple explanation about “Sumo

Originally “Sumo”was a Shinto ritual for a rich harvest’s fortunetelling from about 2000 years ago.

And a “Sumo” became a spectacle for the public in the Edo period( about 400~300years ago).

A “sumo” match is performed in a 4.5 meter ring that is called a “Dohyo”.

A “sumo” wrestler wins when he pushes his opponent out of the ring, or when a part of the opponent’s body touches the ground.

And they are ranked according to their strength.

The highest wrestler is called “Yokozuna”, followed by “Ohozeki”, “Sekiwake”,”Komusubi” and “Maegashira”.

The topknot of “Sumo” wrestlers is called “mage” and they must put on the belt called a “Mawashi”.


2, “Sumo” tournaments

There are 6 Grand “Sumo” tournaments.

The schedule and place of 6 Grand “Sumo” tournament are fixed.

In January _ TOKYO

In March _ OSAKA

In May _ TOKYO

In July _ NAGOYA

In September _ TOKYO

In November _ FUKUOKA

The period of matches is 15 days.

The open time of venue is at 8:00, and the match by lower ranked wrestlers is started from around 8:35 in tune.

And the famous wrestlers appear on the match around 14:30.

So most of audiences come to the site around 14:30.

3, Local tour matches by sumo wrestler

It is not tournament. This is a service for local fans.

So It is easy for fans to take a photo with “Sumo” wrestlers together or get autographs.

This local tour match is held between a grand tournament and next one.

Normally it is only one day and move to next local place.

Please check the schedule on HP of Nihon Sumo Kyokai.

4, Reservation

Please go the HP of Nihon Sumo Kyokai .

There is a link for reservation.

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Thank you very much for reading my article until the end.

Next I will explain on seats of venue .

Have a good day !


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