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Kusatsu hot spring _the neutralization works of river for livings.


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In the former article,

I introduced about “Kusatsu” hot spring, bathes and an inn.

Kusatsu” hot spring is very acidic.

It is the reason why “Kusatsu” hot spring can cure diseases.

However this strong acidic is harmful to the livings.

So the stream of “Kusatsu”hot spring is neutralized before flowing the main river out.

I will introduce to you about this neutralization works.

1) About acidic of “Kusatsu” hot spring that come from Mt.”Shirane

Kusatsu” hot spring shows strong acidic because of sulfide ion from volcano.
The strongest area is a crater lake on Mt. “Kusatu Shirane“.

This lake water shows pH1.2.

Can you imagine ?

For example, the pH of stomach acid and lemon are around 2.

If 1-yen coin is dipped into hot spring one night, it is melted and become thin.

So there are some problem in the river that “Kusatsu” hot spring flows into

① Fishes and other livings cannot be alive.

② It cannot use for drinking and agriculture.

③ It melts iron and concretes of buildings and bridges.

It is very difficult for people to live around this river.

It is the reason why neutralization works at Kusatsu is necessary.

2)  About the neutralization

I studied on the neutralization in the high school.

Do you remember?

It is a chemical reaction between acid and alkali and generates water.

3) About the neutralization works at “Kusatsu

The “Kusatsu” neutralization plant uses limestone powder (calcium carbonate) as an alkaline substance.

It is from “Gunma “prefecture.

A large amount of limestone powder is used in a day.

It is 55t a day!

This works started in 1961.

I’m worried about limestone is run away.

Anyway, limestone is mixed with the stream of hot spring, and the water of the river flows into “Shinagi” Dam while being neutralized.

It becomes about pH 5.5 in the dam.

After that, it flows into the “Azuma” River, a major tributary of the” Tone” River.

The “Azuma” River was called the River of Death before 1961.

But now become home to fish and other creatures.

This is the neutralization business.

The neutralization is carried out for 24 hours and 365 days.

4) You can visit the neutralization plant

Guide day:

Every day from 8:30 to 17:00 (excluding weekends, holidays, summer season, and New Year holidays)

Application phone number: +81-279-88-5677 (weekdays only)

In charged : “Shinagi” Dam Water Quality Management Office

A guide tour is about 50 minutes.

Please come and visit this plant, which is a bit different from sightseeing.

Have a good trip in Japan.


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