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“Setsubun” _the eve of spring day in Feb,Nori roll ,Bean,Demon ?!

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If you are in Japan from the middle of January , you can see an advertisement of “a Nori roll” reservation at supermarkets and convenience stores all around Japan.

You may wander what it is.

Sushi restaurant become popular in the world, so you might know a Nori roll.

Japanese eat a Nori roll as normal dishes.

But to eat “nori roll” on Feb.2nd or 3rd or4th. has a special meaning for Japanese, especially in Kansai (around Osaka-Kyoto).

The meaning by eating “a nori roll “ is “ to get an annual good luck” .

I will introduce on “Setsubun” that is a Japanese traditional event on the eve of spring day, on Feb.2nd or 3rd or4th

My English and sentences probably have mistakes, please be fast and loose. ( ^v^)/

1. What is “Setsubun” ?
2. What do we do in “Setsubun”?

1,What is “Setsubun” ?

Setsubun” in Japanese literally means “division of seasons”.

It is used to mark the division of winter and spring.

From old days, Japanese believe that demons come to us in the division of seasons.

So we historically have held the event to exorcize demons on “Setsubun” in the eve of spring.

When the spring come is decided by the old lunar calendar.

In 2020. “Setsubun” is on Feb.3rd.

In 2021, “Setsubun” is om Feb.2nd.

2,What do we do in “Setsubun”?

In a common custom,

Japanese throw and scatter roasted soy beans inside and outside house.

At the same time, we shout‘ Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi “, it means ‘ demons out, Fortune in!‘ in English.

After throwing the beans, we prey an annual good luck while eating beans as much as our ages.

Why are roasted soy beans used ?

There are various theories.

One, in old days, a Buddhist priest tried to exorcise a violent demon from Kyoto.

He fought the demon and his throwing soy beans hit on demon’s eyes .

Demon suffered a wound and went out Kyoto.

So it is said people use roasted soy beans.

And we eat a nori roll.

However It was the custom in only “Kansai(around Osak-Kyoto).
In 1990s, convenience company promoted eating a Nori roll around all Japan, and this custom spread throughout Japan,

This nori roll that is eaten on “Setsubun” is named some “Eho maki

Eho maki” is Nori roll made with seven ingredients; cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, seasoned omelet, teriyaki eel, sweet fish flakes and kanpyo.

It is representing the seven gods of happiness.

By doing so, people hope to bring happiness into their lives.

And we eat all in one go on the night of Setsubun, while facing silently toward the year’s “lucky” direction with your eyes closed, wishing for perfect health and praying for prosperity of business.

Thank you very much for reading until the end.

If you stay hotel, it must be difficult to hold “setsubun “event by yourself.

Don’t worry. There are many “Seteubun” events held in temples and shrines around Japan.

Please check and go out “Setsubun ” events.

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