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Have an “Onsen” trip in Japan_No2.Let’s go to Kusatsu

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Let’s go to Kusatsu “Onsen” togather !!

Hello! I am Madoka
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I am very happy to have this chance to inform you about Japan.

My English and sentences probably have mistakes, please be fast and loose. ( ^v^)/

In the former article,

I showed the ranking of famous “Onsen “resort that was presented by bigger Japanese travel agencies in 2019.

Kusatu”Onsen” looks the most popular.

Beppu, Atami and Tobetsu”Onsen” look the second most popular..

Dougo and Kinugawa “Onsen “ look the third most popular.

I have been to Kusatsu, Beppu, Atami and Dougo.

So I can show the trip plan for Kusatsu, Beppu, Atami and Dougo .

Today , Let’s go to Kusatsu ” Onsen”.


1, How to go to Kusatsu “Onsen” resort

2, How long to stay

3, Sightseeing spots

4, Example_ One night tour for Kusatu

1, How to go to Kusatsu “Onsen” resort

Assuming you are at Tokyo station…….

You have two choices, Train or Bus.


You have many choice of train ( local / bullet / limited train ).
Please select your route by something like google map or consulting with train office center)


You can catch a bus for Kusatsu from Shinjuku station ( Busta Shinjuku ), too.

I think Bus is convenient for you to go to Kusatsu”Onsen”.

2, How long to stay

I can’t recommend one day trip.   It is “Mottainai” !

There are many attractive places in Kusatsu,

I recommend to stay at Kusatsu for more than one night at least.

3, Sightseeing spots

Onsen”(Hot spring)

There are many public “Onsen” and hotel’s “onsen”.

In public “Onsen”, there are three fee-based Onsen Baths ,18free-Onsen baths and many freefoot baths.

All are amazing.

But you might as well take free-Onsen baths ? How about trying all ?

I  introduce only one free-Onsen bathes in this article as just example.

“Shirohata no Yu”  locates  in front of center park “Yubatake”.

Shirohata no Yu

白旗の湯 草津 に対する画像結果

Although It is fee-based, “Sainokawara Rotenburo”, “Ohtakinoyu” and “Gozanoyu” are very popular.

sainokawa rotenburo
ohtakeno yu
Gozano yu



You can feel the dynamic power of hot spring .

The roll of Yubatake are to cool the temperature of hot spring down and to remove the too much hydrogen sulfide by exposing.



Netsu no Yu

You can see an “Onsen”show that introduce how to take a Kusatsu hot spring historically.

Please check the schedule.



Sainokawara street

There are many attractive restaurant , souvenir shops, amusement shops and café.





This is a crater lake on Mt. Kusatu Shirane.
This lake water is very acidic, pH1.0.
And the color is emerald. So beautiful.
It take 30min from Kusatu town by bus or car.

Unfortunately. Now We cannot approach it because of volcanic risk(since April.2019).
Please pay attention to information.


4, Example _ One night tour for Kusatu”Onsen”

1st day

8:00 Get on JR Bus for Kusatus at Tokyo Station

11:45 Arrive at Kusatu bus terminal

12:00 Get to Japanese-style hotel and leave your baggage

12:30 – 13:30 Launch

Go to “Yukama” lake
Unfortunately. Now We cannot approach it because of volcanic risk(since April.2019).
Please check the information on traffic& Visiting control because of a volcanic regulation.

If you can’t go close , how about having a walk rally of 18 free- “onsen” baths? You could find nice place/shop by wandering around Kusatsu town.

17:30 – 18:30 Back to your hotel and rekax

18:30 – 20:00  dinner

20:00 Go to “Yubatake” and watch the nice night view.So romantic.

You can enjoy drinking alcohol in the pub or in your hotel room.
And take your hotel’s hot spring.

Good night!

2nd Day

7:00- 8:00 Have a breakfast

8:00 – 10:00 relaxing and check out

10:15 Go to Netsu no Yu ( in front of Yubatake) and buy a ticket for onsen show.

10:30 Onsen show for 20min.

On Satureday, Sunday and holyday, you can try “Onsen mixing dance” between 11:30-14:30.
If you want to do, please get to the ticket counter of Netu to Yu after show.

11:00 – 11:30 Take a free-Onsen “Hatano Yu next to Netu no Yu.

11:30- 12:30 Experience “Onsen mixing dance” in Netu no Yu.

12:30 – 13:30 Launch

13:30 – 16:00 Walk around” Saino Kawara street” and go to “Saino kawara Park”
Look around Saino kawara Park and Take one Hot spring.
For example, “Sainokawara Rotenburo” or “Gozanoyu”

16:00 Pick up your baggage and go Bus station

16:30 Get on JR Bus for Tokyo station at Kusatsu Bus terminal

20:15 Arrive at Tokyo station

Enjoy! madoka

-About Japan


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