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Travel around Japan_ Transportation_ [Japan Rail Pass]and[IC train card]

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Hello! I am Madoka
Thank you very much for coming my page.

I want to introduce to you about Japan .

My English and sentences probably have wrong parts, please be fast and loose. ( ^v^)/

On your trip in Japan , how do you move around Japan ?

Today, I will introduce about train ticket, [Japan Rail Pass] and [IC train card] briefly.

Japan Rail Pass

If you travel around Japan by Japan Railway(JR) train, JR bus and  JR ferry,

I will recommend to buy [Japan Rail Pass].

It is very a good value ticket for short-stay visitor from overseas.

This ticket  can use for getting on “Shinkansen(Bullet train)”, too.

Japan Railways’s HP

“Green type” means an executive sheet.

If you have round-trip b/w Tokyo and Kyoto, a regular price by bullet train is about 26,000yen/adult in ordinary-type or about 38.000yen/adult in Green-type.

You think it is a good deal ?

You can buy this ticket at distributor in your country before coming Japan or JR ticket office in Japan.

But this ticket is only for JR Group line.


You cannot use it for private train company’s rail & bus and subway.

So I recommend to get [IC train card] like “SUICA” that is published by East Japan Railways company and is the popular .

Next I will introduce “IC train card” briefly.

IC train card

Each railway company issues an original IC train card.



Don’t warry , any IC card can use for other public transportation line, too.

Besides, it is available for some shop and taxi. too.

But not all. There are no-introduced transportation line and area in Japan, especially countryside.

You can get it at ticket vending machines or ticket offices.

It needs deposits, 500yen, at first.

Then you charge Japanese Yen, 500 ~ 10000yen.

And you can print your name on the card, if you like it.

Unfortunately, there is no discount of train fee .

But IC card make your trip convenient very much.

Touch and Go.

You can go in/out the station platform smoothly.

Get one IC card when you travel in Japan.




Now  Suica system can be installed in your smart phone/watch.


But you are a short- traveler.   I think IC card  can be easy.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Have a good trip in Japan !


-About Japan


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Hello! I am Madoka.  I love traveling, and I want  to help your trip in Japan and comprehension about Japan ! Please enjoy Japan !