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How does Japanese do on New Year?_“Osechi” and” Ozouni”

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Hello! I am Madoka.

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Today I will introduce on the New Yea Event in Japan,_ Eating “ Osechi “and “Ozouni

The table of contents

1, What is “Osechi” and “Ozouni” ?

2, What do the each ingredients of “Osechi mean?

1, What is “Osechi” and “Ozouni” ?


“ Osechi” is the dishes that is served the traditional food on New Year’s Day.

“Osechi” is specially prepared to be eaten during the first three days of January.

It is served in a set of layered lacquer boxes .

It looks like a big lunch box.

And the ingredients of “Osechi “have symbolic wishes.



Ozouni” is the special soup for the New Year holidays.

The ingredients in” Ozouni” are usually rice cake,chiken,fish-paste cake slices and vegetables.

The taste is usually soy sauce or “Miso”.

Different districts /families has different style of “Ozouni”.

We celebrate the new year day with our family while eating “Osechi” and “Ozouni ” in the priod of the new year.

2, What do the each ingredients of “Osechi “mean?

Osechi” has foods of good omen.
I introduce the meaning of several ingredients in “Osechi


: It is teriyaki small dried sardine. It is a wish for a rich harvest
Because sardines were used as fertilizer.



:It is a Herring roe . It is a wish for prosperity of posterity




: It is a rolled kelps and eaten to pray for happiness .
Because of its similarity in pronunciation to the word “Yorokobu(=happiness)”.



: It is a sweet black bean.
Mame” means a bean in English. “Kuro” mean black in English.
Mame” is same pronunciation of diligent or methodical in Japanese.
This contains a wish for being a diligent person which make money.
Kuro” is a metaphor to work hard until getting a tan.


: It is aBurduck root : It is a wish for stable prosperity.
Because it is very long root to bring stability in the field.



: It is a sweet omlet.
It looks a rolled book. So it is a wish for getting a lot of knowledge.

I cannot introduce all because there are too much.

Please find  that Japanese eat “Osechi” with wishes.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Have a good day !


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