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The decoration for the New Year_ “Kadomatsu” and “Shimenawa”

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You can start to decorate “Kadomatsu” and ” Shimenawa” from December13.
Please avoid to start doing from December.29 or 31 because of bad luck.
December30 is the last chance that you can start to decorate it.

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Today I will introduce about Kadomatsu and “Shimenawa” which are the decoration of the New year.


The table of contents
1, These are “Kadomatsu” and “Shimenawa”.
2, The” Toshigami“(The deity) is coming !
3, What is the signification of “Kadomatsu” and “Shimenawa”?

1, These are “Kadomatsu” and “Shimenawa”.

This is “Kadomatsu”.

This is “Shimenawa”.

You can see them in front of house ,door and car from the middle of December to the beginning of January.

The meaning may be similar fir trees on X’mas.



2, The” Toshigami”(The deity) is coming !

Oshogatsu”( the new year) is the important event which welcome “Toshigami” into house.

Toshigami” is the deity of the new year.

Toshigami” is coming from the night of New year’s Eve and going back on around January 15.

It is said that Toshigami” brings happiness and health for a year.


3, What is the signification of “Kadomatsu” and “Shimenawa“?

Kadomatsu” is the New year’s decorative pine branches.

It is a landmark for “Toshigami” to go down from the god’s place.

I mean we can appeal “Toshigami” welcoming.

Shimenawa” is the new year scared rice straw festoon.

It is used for separating a holy place from other unclean places.

So You can see “Shimanawa” in Shinto shrine all year round.

To decorate “Shimenawa” on a door is the information to” Toshigami “.
“ We have prepared a holy place for you ,so please come into our house !”

Without “Shimenawa”, “Toshigami” would go back from your house.

If you want “Toshigami” to bring good luck into your house and family, you should decorate both of “Kadomatsu” and “Shimenawa”.

It is OK to  put  these pictures or drawings , if  it is difficult to prepear  real objects.

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