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“Tango no sekku” _It’s a Boy’s festival on May 5._ Carp streamers in the sky !

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Hello! I am Madoka

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I want to inform you about Japan .

If you get some interests for Japan, I am very happy.

If you are in Japan in the beginning of May , you can see particular decorations for celebrating the healthy growth of boys all over Japan.

For example, carp streamers and samurai warrior Helmets.


On May 5,  We have an  ancient ritual that is called “Tango no Sekku” or “Boy’s festival”.


They are involved celebrating the season and praying for boy’s health , good luck and success,


In recent days, The naming is changing “Tango no Sekku” into “Children’s Day”, when celebrate for all children health , because Japanese leaders suggested in 1948.


But still now many Japanese think that May 5 is the celebration day for boy( “Tango no Sekku” ). March 3 is the celebration for girl( “Hina Matsuri).


I will introduce about “Tango no Sekku”  that is a Japanese traditional event on May 5.


My English and sentences probably have mistakes, please be fast and loose. ( ^v^)/




1,  The origin of “Tango no Sekku”

2,  What do we do in “Tango no Sekku”?

3,   Common sweets in “Tango no sekku”


1,The origin of “Tango no Sekku

The origin of the ”Tango no Sekku” lie in one of the Chinese events that was held on May 5.


In China, many people often got diseases around  May and especially  double 5 (May 5) was thought as bad meanings.  

So Chinese drove evil spirits out with iris that was one of Chinese medicine and lucky charm for removing bad luck , and they drank an alcohol with iris and took a bath with iris.


This custom came to Japan about 1300 years ago.


And this event had changed into the celebration day for Boy’s health in Japanese Samrai society.



2,What do we do in “Tango no Sekku”?

1 ) Decoration of carp streamers( “Koi-nobori” in Japanesse)

Families with boys raise crap streamers outside/inside the house, wishing their success in their lives.


In the recent, Amazing crap streamers are raised in some public park and nature ground.


They are powerfully flying in the sky !!  sometimes… in the river !!

2) Decoration of dolls, ex)  samurai warrior Helmets or a strong boy doll

They are symbols of strength and vitality.

Grandfather and Grandmother often give their grand-boy  the doll.

3) Taking a bath with iris

You can get iris in some grocery shop or flower shop in this season.

And It is OK  just to put it in your Bath tab.




3, Common cuisine in “Tango no sekku”

In “Tango no sekku” , We eat “Kashiwa mochi”  or “ Chimaki “ .


They are sweets.


Kashiwa mochi” is a rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf.

It is believed that “kashiwa mochi” is a symbol of prosperity of our descendants.


Chimaki”  is a rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves

 It is believed that “Chimaki” is a protective charm.

In May5 , Let’s see flying carps in the sky and eat “Kashiwa mochi”and “Chimaki

Thank you very much for your read .


-About Japan





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