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“Hina matsuri” _It’s the Doll’s Festival for girls on March 3.


If you are in Japan from the middle of February , you can see a pair of Japanese Dolls in some shop. They are represented the Emperor and Empress. They are Dolls for “Hinamatsuri” which is for girls .

These are not simple Japanese Dolls.

It is used for the ancient rituals on March 3. We call the day “Hina matsuri”.

They are involved celebrating the season and praying for girl’s health and good luck,

I will introduce about “Hina matsuri” that is a Japanese traditional event on March 3.

My English and sentences probably have mistakes, please be fast and loose. ( ^v^)/

1,The origin of “Hina matsuri
2,What do we do in “Hina matsuri”?
3, Common cuisine in “Hina matsuri” party

1,The origin of “Hina matsuri

The origin of the ”Hina matsuri” lie in one of the Chinese festival that was held on March 3.

In China, people was cleaning their bodies in river and sea because of removing bad luck and praying good harvest ,strong descendants and good luck.

This custom came to Japan about 1300 years ago.

But Japanese didn’t like to enter into the cold river and sea on March 3.

So they used paper dolls instead of themselves and paper dolls were sailed down rivers carrying the bad luck of the owner.

And the custom was mixed to the doll plays by girls about 1000 years ago.

It was changed to the current custom of displaying beautiful dolls in home of families with girls.

2,What do we do in “Hina matsuri”?

The beautiful dolls are displayed from the middle of February to March 3 in home of families with girls.

Girls have a party of “Hina matsuri” in front of beautiful dolls.

The families are encouraged to put dolls away as soon as possible after March 3.

Because it is said that the girl’s marriage will be delayed.

3, Common cuisine in “Hina matsuri” party

In “Hina matsuri” party, the common cuisine are “Chirashi-sushi”, “Hishima-mochi” ,”Cherrystone clam soup” , “Hina arare” and “ Shiro sake”.
All cuisine have a wish for girl’s happiness


The colorful ingredients are scattered on top of the vinegared rice.
Each ingredients have happiness meaning.
Ex) Shrimp: long life
       Lotus root: to get a good future


Hishima-mochi” is diamond-sharped rice cakes and their color are pink, white and green.
Pink express a peach&To protect from evil spirits . White express snow & Clean. Green express land& Long life.

”Cherrystone clam soup”

Since the shells of cherrystone clam did not change their partner, they became a symbol of harmony between married couples.

“Hina arare”

their color are pink, white ,yellow and green.
It is said that these colors express four season.

“ Shiro sake”

Shiro sake” is white alcohol.
It is a kind of medical alcohol that came from china.

Thank you for reading untill the end.


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